You have probably seen them if you have visited a casino, or just at a regular convenience store. The slot machines are a plenty at the casinos, and they have found their way outside of them as well. And the reason is simple: people love them! Most of them are simple to play where they require minimal interaction from the players and the progressive slot machines allow for huge jackpot payouts if you are lucky enough to hit the right combination.

History of the Slot Machine

The first ever slot machine were created in New York in 1890s. It were of the really simple kind where you had five reels spinning and all of them included 50 poker cards. These reels would be spun when you inserted a coin and whatever the resulting hand would end up with would pay out a prize. Back then you didn’t win money, but rather prizes in the bar that had it set up, like beers, cigarettes and other things.

This was off course very impractical, and this lead the way for Charles Fey to create a machine that paid out according to line that were created. If the slot machine weren’t popular already, now it became as sought after as gold. Fey couldn’t make them fast enough, even though they were banned from use in the US.

From here the it just piled on. More and more machines were created, with different kinds of pay lines, payouts and images. Reels were replaced with video and now you can even play them at online casinos.

How to Play Slots

To actually play the slot machines is quite easy in itself, but there are some small nuiances between the different types of machines.

To play on a slot machine you simply have to fund it with the appropriate coins, decide on how many pay lines and coins to play on each spin and then have at it. For each spin you play, the bet amount is deducted from your playing bankroll and the winnings are immediately put into your bankroll after the spin.

Most of the slot machines, both those found at casinos and online, requires no interaction besides spinning the wheel. Some might have you decide on which bonus round to choose or some others, but these are based on luck anyways so no need to dwell over these.

Slots Strategy

As mentioned, the slots are mostly randomized given that the player has no interaction with the game itself. This makes it a sure thing to be a losing proposition (most of the time), but there are still a fun pasttime that might result in a big score if you play the right slots.

So even if there are no strategy involved, there are still measures to take when you play this game:

Partake in the VIP program – When you are playing the slots, be it in a casino or online, be sure to take advantage of their VIP programs. The slot machines are considered to be one of the most profitable games at the casino, and they will reward anyone handsomely to keep playing at them. So be sure to take whatever you can get when you play the slots.

Play within your limits – This will not help you win more money, but it will hopefully be able to make you lose less of it. Never put any money at risk that you cannot afford to lose. This should be common sense, but it is surprisingly hard to avoid going for that extra round of spins when you barely miss out on the big score. Set a limit of money that you bring to the casino and stick with that.

Play progressive slots which are large – The only time that the slots can be profitable to play is when you play on a progressive slot machine that has a sufficiently large jackpot. This can make the expected value of each play actually come in the players favor. Remember though that this is very rare and even if you play with a positive expected value, given that the payoff is so top heavy makes it very skewed and highly likely that you will end up losing in the long run.

But given that you mostly are playing for fun anyways playing with a positive edge is a good bonus to tag along with your playing time. I also enjoy trying to go for the big jackpot, even knowing that I most likely won’t hit it or win money at all 😛

Find a slot you like and have fun! – Remember that this is your money you are playing with, and it is important that you enjoy yourself. Find the slot machine you like the best, not worrying about payout rates or expected value. Playing the slots is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so don’t worry about these kinds of things.

Where to Play Slots Online

Although you can go at a casino to get your fix with the slot machines, nowadays you can get the same kind of action at online casinos. Seeing as this is one of the most profitable casino games you will find that most of the online casinos offers them as well, and plenty of them at that.

I recommend you visit your favorite online casino and check the selection they have. It is beyond the scope of this site, which has its focus on the game of pai gow poker, to delve into all the different types of slot machine games and casinos that are available to those that want to play. If you want to find a good casino, check out this guide on the best online casinos for more information on finding your casino of choice to play slots at.