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February 17, 2014

pai-gow-poker-sign-at-casinoJust read about a guy that managed to turn his $200 into $77,777 at the casinos in Las Vegas. And he did this in mere 15 minutes! Just shows you how crazy this game is. Crazy fun that is.

The jackpot were hit at the Eldordao Hotel Casino back in early februray. The man were there to enjoy himself during the Super Bowl, and I guess the production technician certainly did now!

Remember that not everyone goes on these amazing win streaks. I do sometimes, but then I try to ride it out for too long, or I do some silly mistakes where I try to hock for more. It is all fun and games though, but I guess that if I can get beyond the threshold of $50,000 I would stop playing right then and there myself. Good to set such a limit in order to not get blinded by the sun when you are aiming for the sky 😉

Website News

Besides reading about other people getting lucky at the pai gow poker table, we have also been able to get to work on the content on this site. As you can probably see, we have fitted in quite a nice range of topics now, if I might say so myself. These range from articles on the history, rules and strategy for the game, to FAQs, betting systems and guides on how to arrange home games of pai gow poker. Good to know if you want to host a fun boys night out or start of a bachelor party.

We decided that we couldn’t keep us to simply just talk about pai gow poker, cause even if we love this card game, we also try to spread our action out to other fun games at the casinos. Therefore we will add some articles explaining the basics for them and where you can go to learn more. Check them out and see what you think! We have already made articles about blackjack and slots.

For now we are uncertain of the future of the site. We feel we have shared most of the information we have on pai gow poker, but we will add some more casino game articles. Also will try to keep the site somewhat fresh with news regarding pai gow poker as well.


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